Each turbocharger is designed for only a defined temperature range. If this range is exceeded, the turbocharger can fail after just a few seconds.


- Cracks in the housing of the turbocharger .
- Oil lines can become coked: If the supply line is carbonized, the turbocharger will not be sufficiently supplied with oil. If the return line becomes coked, the oil can no longer flow off and oil is forced out of the turbocharger (see also section 4 “Oil leakage at turbocharger” ).


- The temperature level has changed due to tuning.
- Combustion faults have occurred in the engine.
- The engine was turned off while still hot.

Remedy/preventi on

- The turbocharger may only be installed in the specified vehicles.
- The turbocharger may only be installed and operated in the original state as supplied. Technical modifications are not permitted.
- The engine must always be cooled down at moderate speeds after high stress, such as driving at full load.